I started combining my interest in all things military with design whilst completing my Bachelor of Design, Industrial Design at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand. My final year project was the Type Infantry Tactical Armoured Nook ( TITAN ). A combination load bearing and body armour ensemble.


I have my own brand NZIGN which developed from a requirement for combat smocks by Dutch military personnel. Later I designed, EDC Vests, Bonnie hats and Field caps, before moving onto tactical pouches and belt kit.


Undertaking work in England,  contact with specialist military and police forces ensured high quality feed back regarding user requirements.  Designs became focused on attaining ultimate performance.


Later work in England focused almost entirely on performance clothing.  From concept and pattern making through to production, unique designs focused on function and comfort with an element of style.


Now I would like to again offer both my own products and my design and manufacturing services to continue designing tier one products for discerning end users.


Dale Milspec